The initiation of the group of companies that stands today, started off back in 1995 with a modest seaside restaurant in Marsalforn called Otters Lido. It is with this first restaurant that the three Scicluna brothers joined forces and worked tirelessly in achieving success within the catering industry. Gathering momentum on the accomplishment of this first restaurant, the Murella brothers embarked on their long-term vision project, that of Café Jubilee. The first Café Jubilee outlet opened its doors in December 1998 and took both islands of Gozo and Malta by storm. Without hesitation, a second Café Jubilee followed in Malta’s capital Valletta in the year 2000. Again, this proved to be the stepping-stone into mainland Malta with a bang. In recognizing the brand power that Café Jubilee maintained, a third outlet was in the pipeline and in fact materialized in 2005 with the third Café Jubilee in Gzira. This served to consolidate the group’s position within the hospitality trade on the Maltese islands.  

With Café Jubilee solidly in business, a food manufacturing plant ensued that of Jubilee Foods. This not only served with the providing of the main food supplies to all Café Jubilee outlets but also tapped into the retail side of the business. Jubilee Foods today offers a wide variety of hand crafted jams, chutneys and local products together with the famous Jubilee Foods Nanna’s Ravioli and other traditional pastry delicacies. The whole range of Jubilee Foods products can be found at the specialized store in Victoria, next door to Café Jubilee. 

If the proof of the pudding comes in the eating, then one would have to mention the year 2010, when Café Jubilee was nominated by the Maltese government to take part and represent Malta at the World Expo held in Shanghai, China.  Café Jubilee set up shop at the Expo 2010 and was a showcase of the Maltese trade for a solid 6 months running.  Visitors to the Malta stand and Café Jubilee stood at 1.2 million within the six-month time frame of the Expo.

Moving on to 2011, the Scicluna brothers embarked on another project, a childhood memory, still strongly embedded within their upbringing, that of where Murella Pizzeria & Restaurant stands today. It is the same spot where the Scicluna brothers where brought up during their summers. It was one of the very few spots in Marsalforn back in the early 1980’s where families gathered in the evenings for a coffee, while the children let loose in playing in the surroundings. The Murella Pizzeria within the Hotel Calypso is a landmark location within Gozo itself, let alone Marsalforn.  

This Pizzeria was planned to emulate the Neapolitan style pizza with a wood-baking oven, another first for Gozo at the time.  As for the name of the restaurant, Murella was chosen, it being the family nickname for generations, hence binding their legacy within the local community of Gozo.  

The following years of 2012 and 2013 saw the expansion of Murella with the addition of Murella Piano Lounge & Cocktail Bar and the Candy Café respectively. These two outlets rolled over adjacent to the Murella Pizzeria and Restaurant and form part as a cluster till this very day.  

Finally, the cherry on the cake for the Murella vision is actually happening right now with the upcoming B&B, that of Murella Living which will open its doors in June of this year. Murella Living will consolidate the group’s position of the Murella brothers even more and will serve as a stronger bond in representing the family ties of the Maltese culture.